Slack BlockKit

Megaphone provides a fluent BlockKit API to build a SlackMessage. It starts by calling the newSlackMessage provided to the toSlack method on the Notification.
function toSlack( notifiable, newSlackMessage ) {
return newSlackMessage();
For the individual methods and building blocks, please see the reference documentation.
An important callout is the dump method. This method can writeDump a memento of the SlackMessage instance when passing the raw parameter as true. The default, however, is to writeDump a URL that takes you to Slack's BlockKit Builder to visually see your message.
public void function dump(
boolean raw = false,
string output = "browser",
string format = "html",
boolean abort = false,
string label = "",
boolean metainfo = false,
numeric top = 9999,
string show = "",
string hide = "",
numeric keys = 9999,
boolean expand = true,
boolean showUDFs = true
Example URL: